I will continue to volunteer whenever and however I can.

Taking a leave of absence from work

In 2016, Mdm Nancy Ting decided to take a leave of absence from her position as a HR manager because she wanted to take care of her husband who has taken ill. For about a year, Nancy focused on helping her husband recuperate and slowly but steadily he begun to regain his health.

Starting to volunteer

It was after attending a course on "self-care for older people", a member from REACH Community Services Society approached Nancy and asked if she would like to try teaching the same course to other seniors. Although hesitant as first, Nancy decided to give it a go and she soon found herself enjoying her time volunteering.

After taking an arts course, she was asked along with some other participants, if they would like to try painting a wall mural for the community cafe. Although she never thought she has any talent with the arts, she was happy to be asked and was eager to express herself through painting.

She also decided to rope in her husband to help with the project, believing the painting process would be good for him.

"There were days when he was perky and happily painting away, but on certain days when he was not feeling so well, I could see him trying very hard to stay focused. But even so I believe pulling him along was the right choice because his mood improved when we were painting as it took his mind away from his illness."

Proudest moment

Last August, the volunteer in-charge of the community café had to leave and Nancy was asked if she would like to step in. Although she always consider her cooking mediocre and had no prior experience in running a kitchen. Nancy decided to take up the challenge. She perused recipes online and practiced them at home, perfecting each dish. Soon people start to pay compliment to her food at the community café.

"It always make me happy to see people enjoying my food." She said.

Going back to work

Nancy's passion for volunteering has also influenced her husband to do the same. Both of them are befrienders of their neighbourhood befriending programme and her husband also volunteers at other places. With her husband well on the road to recovery, Nancy is also planning to go back to work soon, although her desire to do good still burns bright.

"Even if I were to start working again, I am not giving up volunteering, I will continue to volunteer whenever and however I can." She proudly declared.

If you would like to be a befriender like Nancy Ting to help others, check out the various volunteering opportunities available here.